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The Cancer Dies When You Eat These Five Foods, It’s Time To Start Eating Them

Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth. There are over 100 different types of cancer, and each is classified by the type of cell that is initially affected.

How Long To Nap For The Biggest Brain Benefits

Taking rest for your body and soul on daily basis is more than essential, and many health experts around the globe confirm this to be true. Therefore, a simple nap can bring

Radiation from Fukushima Now Causes 100% Infant Mortality Rate in West Coast Orcas

Since 2011, the tradgedy surrounding the fukushima disaster is a perisitent reminder of the power of the Earth and humankind’s inadvertent wake of destruction. The death of our oceans has been a

After Reading This About The Amazing Benefits Of Pineapple Peels, You Are Never Going To Throw Them Away Again!

Pineapple is a very nutritious tropical food with exceptional properties. It contains high amounts of vitamin C and manganese and despite being very sweet, it only contains 80 calories per 100 grams. Every