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17 Magnesium Filled Foods That Can Lower Your Risk of Anxiety, Depression, Heart Attacks And More

Magnesium is the key to optimal health and proper biological function. Not only is the 4th most abundant mineral in our bodies, but there have been found over 3,750 magnesium-binding sites on

US Government Finally Admits: Americans Have Been Overdosed on Fluoride For DECADES

The US government has finally admitted they’ve overdosed Americans on fluoride and, for first time since 1962, are lowering its recommended level of fluoride in drinking water. About 40 percent of American

These Powerful Remedies Will Help You Grow Back Your Receding Gums Fast

Dental problems can be very frustrating and painful. Affecting the gums is one of the most common condition and during it, the tissue that is around the teeth corrodes. This condition is

4 Steps to Whiten Yellow Teeth and Remove Plaque and Tartar Buildup

Let’s make things clear, and become familiar with the fact what leads to periodontitis. Tartar in large amount leads to that. Tartar is actually a mineral deposit on your teeth that with

Lose 15 to 44 Pounds in just 13 Days with This Metabolic Diet

This 13-day metabolic eating routine may be a bit more challenging, but it’s definitely worth the try. After the 13 days, you can go back to your normal eating regime. Believe it

Research: Plants Cure Cancer, Not Chemicals

We’ve learned a great deal about cancer in the past few decades, but one finding may surprise you more than others: The solution is not in chemicals, but plants. For many scientists,

Black Seed – The Remedy For Everything But Death?

These black seeds from the Nigella Stevia plant are thought to be able to cure almost any ailment. The seeds are known to kill the superbug MRSA and help cures the body

9 Things That Will Happen to Your Body if You Start Eating 2 Eggs a Day

Having been given a a bad name in the past due to cholesterol fears, eggs are now proving themselves as a superfood. A recent study has shown that eating 2-3 eggs a

Discover 10 Aromatic Herbs That You Can Grow In Water For A Whole Year!!

If you are one of the people who like aromatic herbs, but you do not have enough space at home to have flower pots or your own orchard, well here we will

My Neighbor Every day Pour Olive oil in a Tangerine, When She Told Me Why I Ran To My House To Try

The use of candles goes back to prehistory and is demonstrated by the discoveries made in caves where hieroglyphs were found that were painted on rock walls, in very dark places with