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10 Important Benefits of Eating Pineapple Every Day

The pineapple is one tropical treat you don’t want to bypass in the grocery store. The nutritional benefits of pineapple are fascinating – they’re an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese,

How to Use Tea Tree Oil to Rid Your Home of Germs, Ants, and Toxic Bacteria

Experts say that there are at least five to ten pounds of chemicals found in cleaning products per household. If that estimate is true, it is important to try to find cleaners that will

Oil Pulling: Research Finally Reveals What Some Have Thought All Along

About two weeks ago, I wrote an article about coconut oil – an awesome tropical oil with many health benefits. A few people commented that they use coconut oil for something called Oil Pulling

4 Plants That You Should Have In Your Bedroom To Sleep Well

Many people suffer from sleep apnea, insomnia, night terrors and sleep disturbances. The sleep apnea is a sleep disorder and it occurs when your breathing is interrupted while you sleep. Those with

6 Ways To Instantly Stimulate Your Lazy Nerve To Relieve Inflammation, Depression, Migraines and More

The vagus nerve can be stimulated instantly to relieve inflammation, depression, migraines and various ailments, in the article ” hacking the nervous system ” by Gaia Vince , describes the experience of it when suffering from

Take Watermelon Seeds And Boil Them: The Results Will Shock You! (RECIPE)

  Watermelon is excellent hydrating fruit that should be consumed due to its health benefits.It is excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6,vitamin C, pantothenic acid, copper, biotin, potassium and

38 Incredible Reasons That Will Make You Always Have Onions In Your House

Did you know that onions belong to the garlic family? And because they are relatives, it has many of its benefits and properties. The onion looks like a vegetable that happens a

Stomach Cancer a Silent Disease, Which Symptoms You Should Pay Attention To

Stomach cancer, also called gastric cancer, arises when cells grow inordinate and uncontrolled. Two types of tumors may be present in the stomach, the malignant tumor being malignant only, since this type

Exposure to Smart Meters EMF Radiation Causes Strange and Unknown Health Problems

People who have smart meters installed in their homes are putting themselves at risk of damaging their health. Smart meters have had their fare share of controversy since they became a common