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The World’s Best Food for Cholesterol, Hypertension and Heart Attack

Dates are the perfect healthy snacks for every member of the family. They are an ancient food that according to some archeologists were around in 7000 BC. Furthermore, these wrinkled fruits have

The Best Artery-Cleansing Foods

The number one killer of Americans is heart disease. Plaque buildup in the arteries is what causes this disease and it puts patients at risk for stroke and heart attack due to

3 Food Tips to Bring Your Hormones Back to Balance

Are you one of the people who deal with acne, cramps, PMS, sleepless nights, problems concentrating, lack of energy, and eating junk food? Well, you’re not alone. There are thousands of people

FDA Finally Said That Chicken Meat Is Consisted Of Cancer-Causing Arsenic

According to the Associated Press, the FDA was able finally to prove that the chickens who are being given the drug, the examinations held over them are actually positive for inorganic arsenic.

Start Eating These 26 Foods The Moment You Notice Your Vision Getting Worse

Vitamin A is vital for a healthy vision, and its optimized levels in the body prevent dry eyes, eye inflammations, and night time blindness. This vitamin is also helpful in the treatment

7 Reasons To Eat Lentils At Least Once A Week, Try And You Will Want Even More Often!

Why do we forget to include in our usual diet some foods that have been part of human food since prehistory? Lentils are the smallest in size among all legumes but not

9 Things That Will Happen to Your Body if You Start Eating 2 Eggs a Day

A lot of times people have been questioning about the properties of the chicken eggs. Usually, they have been saying negative things. However, it has been proven that the composition of chicken

5 Benefits That The Carrot Brings To Your Health and You Probably Don’t Know

The carrot brings various benefits to your health , before it was believed that this food was not edible but at the moment it is the opposite, they are able to reduce

How to eat Okra(Lady’s Fingers) To Treat Diabetes, Asthma, Anemia And Failing Eyesight

Known as “lady’s finger”, okra is an annual vegetable that is cultivated in warm, tropical, and subtropical temperate regions for their phytonutrients rich pods. It is valued for its edible green seed pods.

10 Reasons Why Sweet Potatoes Are Good For Diabetes Patients! Must Read!

Sweet potatoes are just similar to the usual type of potatoes that is commonly used in some food industries just like potato fries and other junk foods, but there is a small difference