7 Reasons To Eat Lentils At Least Once A Week, Try And You Will Want Even More Often!

Why do we forget to include in our usual diet some foods that have been part of human food since prehistory?

Lentils are the smallest in size among all legumes but not less nutritious. It could be said that lentils are a true gold mine in terms of nutrients essential for the proper functioning of the body. They have an attenuated glycemic index that favors the satiety and limits the secretion of insulin by the organism.

Contains vegetable proteins and are ideal as a complement or as a base of a vegetarian dish and almost 4 g of fiber per 100 grams.

They are also rich in minerals, especially iron in addition to containing magnesium, phosphorus and potassium in amounts that meet the daily needs of an adult.

They also represent a good source of B vitamins especially vitamin B1 and B9 (folic acid).

They contain antioxidants; Specifically catechins and prociniadins, which belong to the family of flavonoids and saponins, which many studies prove to reduce the rate of triglycerides in the blood.

Indeed, lentils are a food we should not despise. We must take into account at the time of consumption, that it is important to soak them so that they are then easier to digest as well as rinsing very well before cooking and add salt only at the end of cooking to prevent hardening.


1) To maintain the line: We know that the lentils have a somewhat high caloric index, however, it is not very different from the one that contains the rice or the chicken meat. The key is to keep a check on the amount you consume.

On the contrary, if we consume reasonable amounts the lentils can even help us to lose weight. How? Let’s see.

-They are rich in zinc and zinc is a mineral that helps regulate hunger and suppresses the need to “pecking” between hours. A dessert-size dish or a cup of lentils (in the stew) will fill you up enough to get you hungry for the next meal.

-They contain proteins, and this fundamental to the health of our muscles in our bones, but also; Because the protein stimulates the metabolism contributing to losing weight.

-The lentils have a very important dose of potassium that stimulates the elimination of liquids, that is to say, that it has a diuretic effect.

-Lentils have a very attenuated glycemic index which means that when consumed they give us energy for a long time. This prevents eating between hours, something that attacks our silhouette. They are ideal to include in a salad and combine with other vegetables.

2) Proteins and iron: This is good news for vegetarians or vegans who do not consume animal protein because the lentil is a legume rich in iron and protein. These nutrients are essential for energy and improve muscle tone.

We know that it is very difficult to replace animal protein, but lentils can get quite close to what the body needs in relation to iron. These pulses do not contain all the essential amino acids and that is why we recommend consuming them in combination with nuts.

3) Fiber source: Did you know that only 100 g of cooked lentils allow you to cover half the daily fiber needs? This is one of the main attributes of lentils; The high concentrations of fiber.

Fiber makes lentils an easy-to-digest food that provides satiety and helps intestinal transit.

4) Cardiovascular health: The low content of unsaturated fats in the lentils suggests that it is an ideal food to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who ate lentils three or four times a week could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by up to 22 percent.

5) Anti-cancer properties: Recent studies revealed that a protein containing lentils called lectins could be beneficial as they are able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

This protein is found mostly in foods of plant origin.

6) Mineral Concentration: In addition to being rich in iron, one of the dissipating attributes of lentils, they also represent an interesting source of magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, calcium, and copper.

In addition to its high vitamin content, lentils especially have vitamin B9, ie folic acid; Very useful for pregnant women who need additional doses of this nutrient. It also adds vitamin B3, very important for energy metabolism.

7) Constipation: If you usually suffer from constipation and are looking for a natural remedy nothing better than include lentils in your preparations or add them to your salads combined with other vegetables or other vegetables.

The fibers of the lentils favor the intestinal transit without the need of resorting to medicines.

Source: naturalcarebox.com

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