New Study Shows Ginger Is 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo (And Only Kills Cancer Cells)

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Turmeric Can Prevent and Treat Over 600 Health Conditions Studies Show

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It’s Not a Weed! It’s an Unrecognized, Health-Boosting Wonder Plant!

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Flint Puts Over 8,000 People On Foreclosure Notice For Unpaid Water Bills

In Flint, Michigan, the water is still toxic – but that isn’t stopping the city from billing residents for the toxic water. In the most recent nonsensical step, the city has put

If You See Cracks In Your Watermelon, Throw it Away! Here’s Why:

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Keep This Processed Orange Juice Brand Away From Your Kids!

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New Cannabis Patch To Treat Fibromyalgia And Diabetic Nerve Pain Revealed

A company that specialises in the use of cannabis as a form of medication have come up with a revolutionary pain patch that can be used to treat diabetic nerve pain and

U.S. Government Finally Admits Marijuana Really Does Kill Cancer Cells

Once seen as a radical concept, the idea that cannabis can successfully treat cancer is being accepted by authoritative bodies. A branch of the U.S Department of Health, the National Cancer Institute

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How to Detoxify Your Body with Watermelon?

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The US is Aiding a Genocide by Mass Starvation in Yemen, Mainstream Media Silent

When it comes to American intervention in Yemen, even the United Nations is appalled at how American policy has contributed to wide-spread genocide and mass starvation in the small African nation. “We