New Study Shows Ginger Is 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo (And Only Kills Cancer Cells)

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Turmeric Can Prevent and Treat Over 600 Health Conditions Studies Show

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Stroke Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore !

Stroke is a brain attack that is triggered by interrupted circulation of blood in the brain. Unfortunately, it is the fourth major reason of deaths in the US. Brain strokes also cause

Here is Why Himalayan Salt Lamp Is One Of The Greatest Things You Could Own!

Nowadays, Himalayan salts lamps are becoming really popular, and there are several good reasons for it. Namely, it offers numerous health benefits, including relaxation, body detoxification, and respiratory support. Thus, this mineral-rich

Avocado Pudding That Can Balance Hormones, Boost Metabolism and Fight Disease (And it tastes great)

This incredibly delicious avocado pudding will definitely be one of your favorite desserts. It is prepared quickly and easily, and it provides numerous health benefits. Namely, avocados include plant sterols, like beta-sitosterol,

5 powerful antibiotics that don’t require a prescription

Hospital antibiotics have become one of the most over prescribed “medicines” today. As a result people have ruined their digestive systems, and ironically, have lowered their natural immunity to all types of

Home Remedy To Boost Your Immune System And Keep Your Body Healthy

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Say Goodbye To Bad Breath, Plaque, Tartar And Kill Harmful Bacteria In Your Mouth With Only One Ingredient!

Oil pulling or “kavala” or “gundusha” as it is known in the Ayurveda medicine, is an ancient dental technique which involves swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth on an empty

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No Flour Banana Pancakes – Easy And Healthy Fitness Recipe

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This is Why You Should NEVER Put Crocs On Your Feet Again

The oddly shaped rubber shoes known as Crocs first hit the market in the early 2000’s, however they did not catch on in terms of popularity until almost 10 years later. Since