This Recipe Can Save You From Diabetes! Give An Effort With Cabbage Before You Decide To Use Medications!

The fight against diabetes does not stop, this disease in which blood glucose levels are above normal. Most of the food we eat is transformed into glucose, or sugar, which is used by the body to generate energy.

This time we suggest you include the cabbage because according to some experts, the juice is very effective in helping to lower blood sugar levels.

The Cabbage comes from Europe. There is evidence that the Celts, Greeks, and Romans already consumed and the latter used it to treat intestinal problems, lungs and to increase the production of breast milk.

According to a survey, which was conducted in 2008, it was shown that cabbage juice lowers blood glucose and also helps with the release of excess weight. It is well known that excess weight somehow contributes to the development of diabetes, and here in this text, we will present to you the recipe for this amazing and very efficient cabbage juice.





Wash and cut half a kilo of fresh, put in a blender or blender and add a quarter cup of distilled water. Combine until you get a green porridge, with pieces , and then combine this porridge at the most powerful of the rate for about ten seconds.

Drink a glass, before meals, of this spectacular fresh juice every day.


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